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Creative Concept Dream Lab

Let us make your dreams come true

With over 16 years in the fashion industry, let us use our expertise to bring your custom products into your store. Apparel, swimwear, accessories, and bags can become an exclusive design in your established boutique. If you don’t have your own ideas, let us help you design products that will merchandise well with your current assortment. We can private label your existing products or just help you with your graphic design needs.

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What We Offer

You Dream It, We Develop It


Our team at Creative Concept Dream Lab understands how important it is to have exclusive items in your boutique that can not be found everywhere. We have the resources to develop custom apparel, accessories, swimwear, and fashion bags that will set your store apart and give your customers more of a reason to shop with you.  Whether your preference is overseas production for optimal cost efficiency or domestic production to proudly say Made in the USA, we have contacts for sourcing facilities to match your needs.

Whether your needs require studio shots for e-commerce or editorial shots for creative web design and social media ads, we can build your digital assets and create the content you need on location in our studio or in the destination of your choice,

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We can help you fine tune your assortment or help with the display and sale of your products in store or through your website. Let us evaluate what you are doing and execute a plan to fine tune the experience you are offering. From opening new stores to launching e-commerce, we can help get you off the ground.  With experience offering support to digital marketers we can help supply assets needed for marketing as well as make recommendations for apps & online payment providers that help online visitors convert to sales.  We can also assist in supporting by offering help finding affiliate marketing solutions.

We can carefully procure custom candles, apparel and accessories, then deliver them to you with your custom garment label or packaging. You don’t have to dream it up yourself to create this exclusive experience for your customers.

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Whether your graphic design needs are for marketing or for custom screen printed tees, we have you covered.  Your graphic tees don’t have to be basic! We can offer fashion options for you to give you that custom edge.

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